Kessler INC




As a law firm, we assist you with our specialist knowledge in a committed and respectful manner when addressing legal issues and providing notarial services. By placing your objectives and interests in the forefront at all times, our personalized support provides you — whether it be as a private individual or SME — with the assurance in any situation that you are «in good hands here».



Integral solutions

We develop customized legal solutions. In order to accomplish this for you, the necessary steps involve listening, analyzing, collocating and implementing sound legal procedures. With an understanding for the overall concerns of our clients, we offer integral solutions, not merely partial results. We are able to draw on more than 20 years of experience for our qualified consultancy services.




Our aim is to assist you in asserting your rights, be it in contractual or extrajudicial matters or, if necessary, in a court of law. Should competencies in areas beyond our firm’s expertise be required, we rely on our interdisciplinary network of external specialists. We identify the essential aspects of complex matters judiciously, formulate them concisely and offer transparent advice.


Your Team


Mutual trust is the key value in the relationship between the KESSLER law firm and notary’s office and you as our client. We regard the confidence you have placed in our advisory services a privilege. With our extensive experience, we are actively engaged in representing your interests in a respectful manner.



fields of activity

  • Notarial practice (Price list/Fees regulation)
  • Inheritance and estate law
  • Law of property
  • Contract law
  • Law on child and adult protection
  • Child representation
  • Company law
  • Administrative law
  • Foundation law
  • Trusts law
  • Private international law


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CH-6005 Lucerne